Naestved International Mini Print Exhibition


Notes from the Project / Exhibition Coordinator


Some comments and reflections


With well over 1500 mini prints by 765 artists from 52 countries we can see that the exhibition will show a very broad spectrum of the art of prints in the “small scale”.


As project and exhibition coordinator (I don’t like the word curator) I think it must be so because our invitations to the exhibition went out to a broad spectrum of artists all over world – in most cases as personal invitation to the artist.


Looking at all the prints in “our” part of the exhibition and the 291 prints by 291 artists from 17 countries in the PrintZero part, you see this multitude of ways to express yourself as an artist through printmaking.


When you visit the exhibition or click through the catalogue - either as a participating artist or as an "exhibition-goer" - you have to accept the many ways of perceptions of art as a refreshing sign that art is open for a multitude of interpretations.


The prints in “our” part of the exhibition will not go back to the artists after the exhibition but be part of a study archive..


This collection / archive can and will, we hope, be used and put on exhibition in other places in Denmark and Scandinavia as such - or in parts. selected after personal preferences or other criteria under the auspices of he project coordinator and grafisk vaerksted\NAESTVED.

 project coordinator


We have been lucky to get the PrintZero Exchange #5 selection as part of our exhibition. Based also on mini prints we found it would be a perfect supplement to our part and we thank the people from PrintZero Studio in Seattle, USA, Brian Lane and Jeremy Cody, for this.


Torben Soeborg, project coordinato,